Management interculturel |  A l’IGR, travailler ensemble avec 15 nationalités différentes

25 étudiants venant des 4 coins du monde sont à Rennes pour une année scolaire. Ayant déjà eu une expérience professionnelle ils sont venus à Rennes pour préparer un MBA en Management International.

1-management-culturelC’était à l’IGR de Rennes le 4, 5 et 6 octobre dernier. Voici un témoignage d’un des participants, Rod, de Taiwan.

Rod est journaliste et envoyé spécial de « Vintage Luxe Magazine »   depuis plusieurs années. Rod s’intéresse à tout ce qui est Vintage dans le sud ouest de la France

Il nous a écrit un article et apporté son retour sur le séminaire du mois d’octobre sur le Management Interculturel

The “Intercultural Management” seminar

Culture shock? This is what we’re going through right now. Most of the foreign students who are studying in France, more or less, have encountered something that is so unique to the French culture.

However, we not only have to adapt ourselves to this new country, but also need to cope with the so-called “intercultural working environment”. For us, this is both important and essential because we all aim to work abroad or in an international/foreign company.

How to well manage the cultural diversity is absolutely a priority.

However, after three days of Intercultural Environment, to my surprise, it is not merely about theoretical contexts!

By introducing each person’s cultural artifact, the comparison and analysis of questionnaire, the application of the Four Steps of intercultural communication, the exchange of members’ observation towards each other… our class becomes much closer than we would have expected before.

Some people expressed the same concerns, which is how to work together intimately with some many cultures mixed together. Despite of that, we tried to value differences, to accept and to welcome strangers.

Honestly, a program of three days is definitely not enough, and sometimes it is not easy to understand; however, it is a good start to explore our inner purpose and develop a new thinking pattern.

At the end, we all look so different but we are essentially not so different… for us all sharing the same goal: stepping outside of our comfort zone in order to work in an intercultural environment.