Executive coaching – Team coaching


Executive coaching – What are your goals ?

  • You want to progress in your management skills.
  • You need to manage a team.
  • You want to progress in your leadership.
  • You want to think and work smarter.
  • You want to learn to prioritise your tasks
  • You want to combine pleasure, well-being and efficiency at work.
  • You are a manager or own your company and want to have a better time perspective
  • You want to provide individual coaching for your managers.

Team coaching

You want to improve the efficiency of your board.

You want your board to communicate better with their teams.

You want your teams to be dynamic and enthusiastic.

You want your managers to be able to cope with pressure.

You want to work on your company’s strategy.

You want to work on the intercultural awareness of your teams.



We understand that each person is unique.  My aim is to create a secure environment to encourage the group to a better cohesion.

As a coach, therapist Arlette Janssens adheres to a code of ethics consisting of confidentiality, attentive listening, a non-judgement approach and respect for the client, all of which contribute to her quality charter. Whether in individual consultation or training sessions, she provides sensitive and skilful support.

Her fields of expertise are primarily communication, exploring emotions and the subconscious.

Arlette Janssens offers private coaching, psychotherapy and communication sessions, as well as training in communication, the management of emotions and behavioural change.

Training may be one-on-one or in a group, in French or in English.