All our training programs are provided on a two-day basis.

You’ll find below some examples of two-day seminars

  • Public speaking
  • Intercultural Management – Certified “Coaching Across Culture”
  • Negotiating in an Intercultural Environment – Certified “International Profiler”
  • Non Violent Communication
  • Knowing yourself better in order to understand others.
  • Time Management


Together with your Director or the training manager, we elaborate a full training programme to answer your company’s specific needs and demands.

Before the actual training course, I organise an individual coaching session by phone, so as to enable me to prepare the programme according to the participant’s needs.

During the training session each participant will receive the particular attention from the trainer who will help him or her to progress towards his or her personal goals.

After the training course, each participant will implement his or her personal action plan to deploy in his/her work environment.

3 months after the training, one or two coaching sessions are organized to ensure the full programme has been clearly implemented at work

During this follow-up coaching session, participants assess their successes and any areas identified for improvement following implementation of the programme.

As a result, a new action plan is set up, taking into account any new or adapted points.

A certificate of completion is given at the end of the training course